Lemon drizzle cake with blueberries

I like cakes, but I'm not the biggest fan of sweet candy. So for me, it's always a good idea to have cakes, pastries and desserts that include bitter chocolate or citrus fruits like orange, lemon and passion fruit. The cake of the moment at home is the lemon drizzle cake with blueberries. The addition of the lemon zest in the batter gives the cake an elegant, delicious aroma. I tested some recipes and ended up sticking with the version that has yoghurt, making the cake moist and silky. I usually add blueberries when I have them at home. They and create beautiful dots of moisture and delicacy in the middle of the cake. But if you do not have blueberries, it is perfect also without them. Finally, I like to drizzle the cake with a mixture of lemon juice and confectioner's sugar, to create that thin sugary surface and intensify the lemon flavour. Check out the recipe:[ultimate-recipe id="274" template="default"]